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Among the most essential elements of a better night’s sleep is ensuring you have sufficient space to totally unwind and sleep. A common mistake in purchasing a bed is purchasing one that is too little. Prior to you start going shopping, ask yourself if you are pleased with the quantity of sleep space in your present bed and review our mattress size charts below to guarantee you acquire the best bed size.

The best bed size really depends on who will be oversleeping it. If just one person will be oversleeping the bed, then a twin, twin XL or complete size bed mattress will certainly work. If 2 people will be oversleeping the bed, a queen, king or California king-size bed will certainly provide both sleepers ample area, ensuring you get an excellent night’s sleep.


Regular Mattress Size

Twin Size Mattress

Width: 39 in x  Length: 74 in


Twin Extra Long Size Mattress

Width: 39 in x  Length: 80 in


Full Size Mattress

Width: 54 in x  Length: 74 in


Queen Size Mattress

Width: 60 in x  Length: 80 in
King Size Mattress

Width: 76 in x  Length: 80 in


California King Size Mattress

Width: 72 in x  Length: 84 in


Crib Mattress

Most crib mattress dimensions near 27 in x 51.5 in



Which mattress size is best?

Twin Bed Dimensions

A twin size bed mattress is the smallest bed mattress available and is finest matched for one kid or one adult. The dimensions of a twin size mattress are around 39 inches large by 74 inches long. Taller grownups may be more comfortably sleeping on a twin XL bed size.

Twin XL Bed Dimensions

Popular in lots of college dorm rooms, the twin XL (extra-long) bed mattress is roughly 6 inches longer than a twin bed mattress. This makes it perfect for taller grownups. Twin XL beds are roughly 39 inches large by 80 inches long.

Complete Bed Dimensions

The full size bed mattress, also referred to as a double bed mattress, is approximately 16 inches wider than a twin bed mattress, but does not offer sufficient included room for 2 individuals to sleep comfortably. It might be too brief for adults taller than 5’5″. Complete beds are 54 inches large by 74 inches tall. A complete size bed mattress is an excellent choice for growing kids, plus the included area permits father and mothers to rest while tucking their kids in for the night.

Queen Bed Dimensions

Queen size bed mattress supply more width than a complete size mattress, which includes added convenience for two sleepers. Queen bed mattress are the most popular mattress size today. With the dimensions of 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, the queen size mattress is a good option guest spaces or couples that like to sleep closer together.

King-size bed Dimensions

King size beds are best for couples that desire the optimum quantity of sleeping space. King size bed mattress dimensions are roughly 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, making a king mattress almost the same size as two twin XL beds. This bed size is likewise preferable if you have children, pets or felines that will certainly be sharing your bed. Because king bed mattress are a lot longer and broader, the box springs are split, making it simpler to navigate around stairs and tight corners.

Fun Fact: If you purchase a “split king” bed with an adjustable base, you are really ordering two twin XL beds.

California King Bed Dimensions

At 72 inches large by 84 inches long, the California king bed mattress is perfect for those who desire more length in the bed. The California king is 4 inches narrower than a king size bed mattress, however it is 4 inches longer. This bed size still offers each sleeper 6 inches more sleeping width than a queen size bed. The extra length likewise makes the California king mattress size a great selection for adjustable beds, offering ample length even with the head and/or foot elevated.

Do you have youngsters or animals sharing your bed? If so, consider a king or California king-size bed. The bigger bed size will certainly offer everyone lots of space to sleep comfy all night long.


If you want to buy a complete size mattress for 2 adults, remember that this mattress size
will just give each person roughly 27 inches of sleep space. This is nearly equivalent
to the width of a crib.





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