Personal Comfort A8 Reviews

Personal Comfort A8Personal Comfort A8 Reviews

Elegance Series

The Elegance Series lineup contain virtually every feature possible and are popular for the quality as well as luxury marksmanship. The Elegance series versions come with our patented and exclusive reversible top cover that is seasonal, it is a two sided cover which can be switched at anytime, which helps reduce tear and wear.


Our patented center panel design that is zipped also lets you reach the mattress’ center relaxation compartment. This compartment includes a ventilated gel infused Visco polyurethane foam layer that is readily reachable for rotating the foam layers as well as a development foam comfort layer. You can even swap the relaxation layers over each other to offer you even more customizability along with your mattress. Moreover, these relaxation layers are easily updated or replaced, which lets you revive, rather than replace your mattress.

Personal Comfort A8 ReviewsFully Personalize:The single mattress that’s totally customizable for your individual feels.
Attribute: Personalize Your Slumber.
Advantage: Shift and customize if you like and however.

Fully Changeable:
Support and yet another comfort attribute which is only accessible by Private Comfort Bed.

Replaceable Parts:
What other mattress provides your investment for the life span of your mattress to the skill protection. Replace any part at anytime for virtually any reason, without needing to buy a brand-new mattress.
Attribute: Replaceable Parts
Advantage: No need to buy another bed ever.

Personal Comfort A8 ReviewFully Upgradable:
Upgrade your mattress to an adjustable bed base anytime.
Advantage: By updating to an adjustable bed base which allows one to correct and elevate your mind and feet use the best type of slumber Massage attributes available on some versions.

Personal Comfort A8 mattress



Reversible Relaxation Layers:
Double relaxation layers provide the capacity to reverse the relaxation layer firmness by reversing foams and simply unzipping the cover. Accessible only at Private Relaxation Bed.*Accessible on select models.
Attribute: Reversible Double Relaxation Layers.
Advantage: Reverse your relaxation layers at any given time for every single individual. Each individual has got the capacity to change relaxation layers with their private tastes.



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