Review Altec Lansing iMW855-BLK XL Soundblade Bluetooth Speaker

Altec Lansing iMW855-BLK XL Soundblade Bluetooth SpeakerReview Altec Lansing iMW855-BLK XL Soundblade Bluetooth Speaker

You might anticipate a loudspeaker that’s a small power to it, although you can not actually anticipate sound superiority in this budget range. Altec Lansing iMW855-BLK XL Soundblade Bluetooth Speaker is a good looking, really mobile loudspeaker that is easy to work and offers clear sound at reasonable volumes. At volumes that are top, however, it’s problems with deep bass. That isn’t just a unique issue for this type of loudspeaker, but it’d be a little more easy to forget if Altec Lansing iMW855-BLK XL Soundblade¬†Bluetooth Speaker existed of its price range¬†lesser.

The SoundBlade, is a just constructed, good looking device having a reddish or black rubberized shell (with regards to the variant you buy) and black grilles. The grille on the front holds minimal controls offering a telephone button and Volume Up/Down buttons that as Track Forward/Back buttons in the event that they are held by you. The power switch is found on the correct part of the loudspeaker, as well as a micro-USB port for charging and a 3.5mm Aux input signal. It nearly resembles the SoundBlade has two more drivers concealed beneath its back panel grille, but that’s not the situation. They are simply interfaces to assist the forwards confronting drivers work with increased ease.

From telling you a voice in the loudspeaker declares just about whatever you can declare your apparatus has become coupled to allowing you to know you only flipped the power switch to off, in the event you did not see. Some might simply find it irritating, although some might find this helpful.

Incoming calls are not difficult to manage with all the telephone button as well as the SoundBlade’s built in mic. Your music vitae when the call is completed. Matching the loudspeaker with apparatus can also be straightforward: Powering the loudspeaker upward places it in coupling mode mechanically, as well as it was found by our iPhone 4S instantly.

It’s possible for you to charge the loudspeaker either via USB cable linked to your pc, or connect the included power adapter and the cable.

Altec Lansing iMW855-BLK XL SoundbladeReview Altec Lansing iMW855-BLK XL Soundblade Bluetooth Speaker Performance
At maximum, the drivers of the SoundBlade crackled clearly on any path that had important low end. Since the greatest volume itself is not too awfully loud you might need to listen at that amount in specific scenarios, although at lower levels, the distortion disappears. Tracks that lack deep bass that is serious are not an issue at top volumes, when you listen closer to 75 percent volume on the speaker or the sound source and distortion isn’t an issue.

The lows aren’t a tremendous part of the equation — although the tune does not sound brittle–the focus seems more on the mids than anything else.

You never actually get an actual awareness of power in the threatening sub- but that will need a low end existence that the SoundBlade lacks.

Classical tracks, like John Adams’ “The Chairman Dances,” sound chip, with little fullness in the lows to assist the low register strings get noticed. The true problem, however, is classical music is combined for dynamics, and that the SoundBlade does not get overly loud, so the silent parts are quite silent on the SoundBlade with the volume maxed out on both sound and loudspeaker source.

As little mobile loudspeaker for picnics and holidays, the SoundBlade lets you easily tune in to your own music without bringing a package of accessories along with you, but it appears overpriced for the operation. The Panasonic SC- NT10 provides a fuller sound to get a cost that is similar, also it is a lot more mobile and simple to pack away.


Altec Lansing iMW855-BLK XL Soundblade Bluetooth Speaker sound functionality for loudspeaker’s size at reasonable volumes. Built in speakerphone abilities for replying calls wirelessly. Readily mobile.

Distorts on tracks with deep bass at high volumes.


The Altec Lansing SoundBlade (IMW545) is an appealing, portable Bluetooth speaker that provides adequate audio functionality, but could sound better for the cost.




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