Review of Jlab Jbuds J4M

Review of Jlab Jbuds J4MThose looking to update the stock earbuds that come with portable media devices and telephones are actually confronted with the almost absurd number of options. You can get some entry level ‘cellphones together with the change in your pocket in the supermarket or pharmacy (ex: JVC Marshmallow) or for a couple dollars more you’ll be able to step it up a degree and grab a slightly more comfortable pair in the electronics section of your big-box store (ex: Sennheiser CX215). JLab seeks to up the game with every new generation of the best selling JBuds line, and the Jbuds J4M Rugged Metal Earbuds Design Earphones are no exception. Building on superior sound, the glossy design, and maximum relaxation of the bestselling Jbuds J4M earbuds, we gave the new Jbuds J4M’s a flexible exoskeleton armour over all elements for extreme durability plus a hot new robust look. These cans are built to last! The Jbuds J4M’s also include 6 pairs of custom modeled earbuds cushions, in both single flange (XS, S, M, L) and double flange (XS/S, S/M, L/XL). The Jbuds J4M’s are arguably the most robust and durable earphones. They’re tight bass, balanced extensive variety result an ideal alternative for all those seeking an extra rough, heavy duty pair of ear buds with the JLab audio that is mythical, and sharp clarity. The Jbuds J4M is available with and without a mic in a variety of bold, stylish colour combos. For all those seeking ultra lightweight, slightly more slender earbuds.


Jlab Jbuds J4MOut of the Box

You are not likely to get wire extensions, airline adapters or 1/4″ adapters at this level. No surprises are issued by the Jbuds J4M in this aspect. What you do get is just about every eartip size underneath the sun and a set of earphones. In total we counted three sizes of double flange tips and four sizes of single flange silicone tips.



Jbuds J4M Characteristics

JLAB touts the Jbuds J4M may be the most rugged earphones. We are not sure we’d go that much, but we’ll grant that these earphones seem and feel pretty hard. We are not feeling gutsy enough to run them over with a car, but if we needed to put a wager, our cash would be on the Jbuds J4M and run. It isn’t just the ear pieces that feel tough, every contact point that the wire makes is strengthened by a thick, pretty flexible strain relief. Even the microphone and control unit located 4 inches down the left earphone wire is made of impact resistant plastic.

The Jbuds J4M wire is flat and said to be tangle free. It could be tangle free, but nonetheless, it still gets twisted with the best of them. The wire can be a little on the stiff side, and we believe this led to a problem we had with the Jbuds J4M popping from our ears, as we’ll shortly reveal.
These Jbuds J4M canal phones are designed to work with a number of portable devices and phones. There is just one button, so plan on learning the “code” of clicks for bypassing tracks and don’t plan on altering the volume without catching your device.



We examined the JRM employing a Headroom Micro DAC, Headroom Micro Amp, as well as a Laptop. Fit has consequences on sound quality, security and comfortability. Unfortunately we had trouble getting the Jbuds J4M to fit well, since almost every size of eartip possible is included together with the earphones which can be just a little ironic. It turns out the problem wasn’t finding the right size (we did ok there), the dilemma was getting them to stay put.

We have to point to three factors that we believe caused the Jbuds J4M to wiggle out of our ears. The robust design, while great for keeping things from breaking, ends up placing weight in the wrong places. Then there is the problem of eartip texture. The eartips don’t have any grasp to them, so there’s little to keep them slipping against your skin while soft. Eventually, the stiffness of the twine that individuals mentioned before exerted enough force on the earphones moved around that there is no keeping the little buggers in place. Granted, everyone’s ears are very different and we’re certain there are folks who haven’t had or will not ever have problems keeping the Jbuds J4M in place but, people, we examine lots of earphones and we rarely have this difficulty. We are fairly sure others will too.

When it comes to sound quality, the Jbuds J4M did not do a whole lot for us. There was some bloat across the mid-bass region, a noticeable lump right in the region that is sung and some harshness round the sibilant sounds of the letter ‘s’. We can typically look one audible oddity around, however there was too much going on never to say that we just didn’t enjoy their sound.



The Jbuds J4M get points for achieving a durable, rugged design and we appreciate the attempt to provide a broad array of eartips for proper fit. But, the lack of grip on the eartips along with heavy earphones and stiff cable made it tough to keep these earphones set up. That, along with sound quality with more than simply two or three quirks, keeps us from advocating the Jbuds J4M.

Hardy design
Mic and control switch comprised

Underwhelming audio
Fit that is insecure
No built-in volume control




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