Watch Buying Guide

While the looks are a crucial consider selecting a watch, it’s likewise vital to pay some attention to exactly what’s inside the watch, and whether it will perform all the functions you require from it.

This guide will certainly help you comprehend the wide range of styles and functions available in modern watches. Please remember to keep your receipt or shipping note safe when you’ve purchased your brand-new watch, as many watches feature a guarantee, usually 2 years and when it come to some brands, a lifetime.


Enjoy Styles

sport watchSports watches
These rugged watches tend to chunkier designing, designed to operate under high levels of anxiety and pressure. Sports watches may have a greater than typical level of water-resistance, and the durable design will help them to hold up against physical effect. They might also have extra functions like stop-watches for measuring lap times, or more specialist features such as heart monitors or pedometers.

pilot watch



Scuba divers’ or Pilots’ watches
On the extreme end of the toughness and functionality spectrum, these are planned for specialist use, or for aviation and aquatic enthusiasts. Diving watches will certainly be completely waterproof approximately a specific depth, and function high-visibility dials. Pilots’ watches will certainly feature additional functions such as tachymeters, slide rules and other technical evaluates.

Luxury-WatcheLuxury watches
A luxury watch is an investment piece as well as a way of keeping the time. The greater cost will certainly be reflected by the materials utilized (sterling silver, gold or perhaps platinum, possibly with diamond information), in addition to the intricacy of the watch activity. A luxury watch may be able to track moonphases, keep an eye on the length of months so that you do not have to reset the date manually, and feature an automatic, self-winding mechanism to negate the requirement for batteries. As a luxury watch is intended for long-term ownership, keep in mind that it will certainly need servicing every couple of years to keep in good working order.

kid watchKid’s watches
Little and colourful, with an easy to check out analogue or digital dial, a youngster’s watch is created to aid with learning to inform the time. It will also be made to withstand the daily knocks you may anticipate.





fashion watchFashion watches
Someplace in between jewellery and timepiece, fashion watches will certainly utilize colours, products and styling influenced by existing trends. Innovative dial shapes and plans will certainly help your watch stick out from the crowd. The cost brackets will be much lower than gown watches, making it more budget friendly to have a number of fashion watches to coordinate with your attire.

gown watchGown watches
Modest and classy designing defines dress watches. They will certainly tend to feature an analogue dial in an easy, clever case in polished steel or gold plating. They may feature a date window or stopwatch functions, but in a discreet method. Outfit watches aren’t planned for active or sporting use, however offer a timeless appearance that will still look good in five years’ time.



motion watchMotions
The term “motion” describes the mechanism inside the watch that keeps the time. The primary function of a watch activity is to tell the time accurately, but it might likewise have other functions like showing the date, day of the week, running a stop-watch, tracking moon-phases or setting an alarm. These other functions are called “problems”, so called due to the fact that the motion needs to be more complicated to sell them out.




There are 4 primary types of watch movement:

Quartz/ battery – probably the most popular movement in modern watches, these motions use a quartz crystal and a battery to keep precise time for as long as the battery has power. The battery runs an electrical current through the quartz crystal, which vibrates 32,768 times a 2nd. The moving parts of the watch are regulated by this vibration. Even very low-priced quartz watches keep time exceptionally precisely, with precision near a few seconds a year. The only factor to consider is that you’ll need to change the battery every few years.

Mechanical/ hand-wound – rather than a battery to power the activity, mechanical moving parts are made use of. A spring inside the watch is wound up, and extremely progressively releases its saved energy, spinning a wheel a certain variety of times a second. The motion is regulated by the mainspring, so when the spring has actually been unwound, the watch will certainly stop. As such, mechanical watches do not keep time as accurately as battery-powered watches, and must be wound frequently to keep going. However, numerous see connoisseurs prefer the craftsmanship and artistry which goes into making a mechanical movement.

Automatic/ self-winding – automatic (or kinetic) watches likewise have no battery, and the mechanical within the motion are mainly the like hand-wound watches. The difference is in how the mainspring is wound. Rather than winding by hand, the watch includes a weight attached to the mainspring, which spins whenever the watch moves. Offered you wear the watch daily, the watch will certainly keep itself wound up. The downside is fairly evident: if you don’t use it for a couple of days, it will stop. The option is to reset the time and afterwards offer the crown a few twists to kickstart the activity.

Solar-powered – using a solar battery on the watch’s face, solar-powered watches transform light to electrical energy, which they keep in a battery. They work in the same method as any other battery-powered watch after that. The benefit is that, as long as the watch is cared for, you’ll never have to replace the battery.


Enjoy straps are commonly readily available in 4 designs. Provided the strap is the exact same width, most watch straps can be quickly altered by a jeweller or watch repair shop

Leather straps
These straps might be calf leather with a printed impact (like lizard or croc), or exotic leather like genuine crocodile or ostrich. In uncommon cases, horse leather called shell cordovan might be used. Leather-look (artificial) is likewise quite common. Different kinds of leather will certainly have differing levels of gentleness, be more or less hard-wearing, have a different texture, and will certainly develop a different patina (surface finish) over time. They’ll usually fasten with an easy adjustable length buckle.

Fabric straps
Sometimes called a NATO strap, material straps will include a comfy and casual touch that works well for off-duty outfits. Individuals who want to personalize their devices occasionally combine the dressed-down appearance of a material strap with a contrasting high-end luxury watch. Material will normally secures with an easy pin-buckle. Silicon straps are likewise popular for a stylish appearance, but are also useful in regards to keeping clean.

Metal bracelets
Bracelet straps are composed of links of metal, and are usually discovered on outfit watches. The bracelet has a more considerable weight than leather, and is generally put on slightly looser. Bracelet length can be adjusted by getting rid of the bracelet and taking links out, but this can’t generally be done “on the fly” and requires specific tools. Some fashion watches do have links you can reverse yourself. A bracelet typically attaches with a deployment or foldover fastening on the within the bracelet, which is concealed when the watch strap is fastened.

Bangle bracelets
Practically solely discovered on ladies’s watches, bangle bracelets are made from huge, curved links or a solid piece of metal. They add an elegant, jewellery-like feel to a watch. The bangle may open and close with a jewellery clasp, or if a solid bangle will simply slip over the wrist. Sizing a bangle watch is harder, so be sure to determine your wrist thoroughly prior to purchasing.


Dials and deals with
Enjoy dials are more diverse than straps. Some essential differences are:

Round dials are most conventional, however rectangle-shaped and oval dials have constantly been popular niche options. Remember that you can likewise have a round dial in a square case.

Hours are generally denoted by Arabic (1-12) or Roman (I – XII) numerals. The less the numbers, the more contemporary the watch will generally look. Roman numerals offer a more traditional feel, and are popular on dress watches.

Some watches do not have numerals at all, instead showcasing a slim piece of raised metal called a “baton” to mark each hour.

Watches with extra issues may have smaller sized sub-dials to reveal the seconds and minutes expired on the stopwatch. The watch may likewise feature windows which show the date or day of the week.


Some dials might be inlaid with enamel or Mother of Pearl, or inscribed with detailed Guilloche or sunburst decors.


Water Resistance

Water resistance triggers a great deal of confusion when purchasing watches. The term “water resistant” is generally not used, since making a watch case water resistant needs it to be hermetically sealed, a technically-difficult procedure reserved for high-end deep sea diving watches.

Because of that, water resistance is determined in water pressure, and represented in devices of 10 metres (m), or by Atmospheres (ATM). 10m of water is equivalent to one added ATM of pressure. 50m amount 5ATM. 100m amount 10ATM.

This scale of water resistance describes the pressure acting upon the watch when it’s static in water. You can expect a watch with 30m/ 3ATM water resistance to remain watertight at a depth of 30m in the majority of conditions.

Do keep in mind though, that a watch will be checked in a lab. Real world situations almost constantly involve some sort of motion, whether it’s the movement of the watch, the water, or both incorporated.

When you swim, your watch is moving quickly through water. This quickly maximizes the water pressure beyond the 30m/ 3ATM limit, even in a pool far shallower than 30m. Likewise, a watch with 50m/ 5ATM water resistance is considered acceptable for swimming, however it may still leak if exposed to the dramatic pressure changes involved when diving into a pool.

We recommend the following as a guide to water exposure:

30m/ 3ATM Splash and rainproof. Can be exposed to water, however must not be immersed. Get rid of when swimming, bathing or washing up
50m/ 5ATM Can be totally submerged in water, so can be used swimming, however might not be entirely waterproof when diving into the pool
100m/ 10ATM Can be used for all swimming pool swimming and shallow diving
200m/ 20ATM Suitable for swimming pool swimming and most casual diving, however not deep sea diving.


Measurements of watches generally cover the width of the dial (the section covered by glass), the width of the case (the total width of the body of the watch, consisting of the bezel around the edge and the crown). The depth of the case will let you know how slimline the watch is. The height of the case might include the lugs (the metal “arms” which connect the watch to the strap).

Women’s outfit watches have the tendency to be reasonably little, usually not wider than the wrist they are worn on. Fashion watches can be bigger, as matches their bolder design. Luxury watches may showcase an automatic activity or extra issues, and might be larger as an outcome.

Buckled watch straps are usually supplied in one size, which can be adjusted to match the user. Bracelet straps can have links gotten rid of till they are the appropriate length; occasionally you can do this yourself without tools. Bangle straps are somewhat more difficult to size, so take measurements prior to you buy.


Most of our watches carry a 2-year global producer’s guarantee. Please check the individual item for information.

Manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover concerns resulting from excessive physical damage to the watch (such as dropping on concrete or a tough surface), magnetic damage to the watch’s activity (being put on inside a medical or airport scanner, for example) or damage arising from inappropriate direct exposure to water. In some instances, you may find you’re covered under your contents insurance coverage.

Guarantees normally do not cover battery modifications through regular use.

When you purchase a watch, do keep the warranty in the box, along with a copy of the invoice for your watch.



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